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On Being a Leaf in the Stream

Book contract is officially SIGNED!     When my dear friend Vonda Skelton asked me to tag along to a writers conference she was speaking at – I had no idea what could be in store for me. I told her – “I plan to meet with no one. No editors, no authors. I’m here to…

By Cheryl Childers March 18, 2017 6

Recall but Sing – A Reflective Poem

Whisper like rain in the moonlight, When a thousand frantic storms sing above. Sleep, forest friend, dream. Dream the language of the mist. Picture the Summer’s shadow on the enormous blue sea. Soar after revealing moments. Whisper her symphony. Scream, yet, cry. Ache, yet love. Recall, but sing. Soar, and Shine. Always.

By Cheryl Childers February 16, 2017 0